How Much Does Rail Advertising Cost UK

How Much Does Rail and Train Station Advertising Cost in The UK?

Rail and Train Station advertising in the UK can range from £400 to £2,000 per poster, per two weeks.

This depends on the factors mentioned below and keep in mind that this estimate is approximate and can vary significantly based on the specific requirements and negotiations with the bus advertising agency or operator.

Factors Affecting Cost of Rail Advertising

Type of Advertising

The cost of rail and train station advertising can depend on the format used, see below some examples of different formats:

  • Digital Screens: These are premium options due to their dynamic nature. They can display moving images, change ads quickly, and are often interactive. Their high visibility and engagement rates in busy stations like those in central London make them more expensive.
  • Posters: Traditional paper posters, including 4, 6, and 48-sheet sizes, are common. Costs vary based on size, with larger posters costing more due to their greater visibility.
  • Traincards: Placed inside train carriages, these offer prolonged exposure to passengers. They are typically less expensive than prominent station placements but still effective.
  • Ticket Gateways: Ads here capture almost every commuter passing through. While highly visible, they might be less expensive than large digital displays but more costly than in-train ads.

Location and Footfall

Stations in major cities witness thousands of passengers daily, offering high exposure. Advertising in these locations is priced at a premium. For instance, a poster in London's Waterloo Station would cost significantly more than the same in a smaller town.

Smaller stations have lower footfall but can be cost-effective for targeting local or specific demographics.

Size and Visibility

Larger formats like 48-sheet posters are designed for high impact and visibility, making them more expensive. They are ideal for brand awareness campaigns.

Smaller formats like 4 or 6-sheet posters are more affordable and can be effective for targeted messaging.

Campaign Duration

The longer the advertising campaign, the higher the overall cost. However, longer campaigns often attract discounts, making the daily or weekly cost more economical.

Short-term campaigns, while less expensive overall, might have a higher cost per day.

Time of Year

Advertising costs can spike during peak travel seasons like summer or Christmas due to increased passenger numbers.

Major events (like sports events or concerts) can also drive up prices in relevant locations.

Off-peak times might offer more competitive pricing.


Each of these factors contributes to the overall cost of a rail advertising campaign.

Advertisers must balance their budget with their campaign goals, choosing the right type, location, size, duration, and timing to maximise return on investment.

It's essential to research and contact outdoor advertising companies or media agencies to get accurate pricing information based on your specific requirements and desired locations.

We can provide you with cost estimates and help you find the best options within your budget.

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Rail Advertising FAQs

Frequently asked questions about rail advertising.

The cost of advertising in train stations varies widely, typically ranging from a few hundred e.g. £400 to several thousand pounds e.g. £5,000.

Factors influencing the price include the station's location, the size and type of the advertisement, and the campaign duration.

Major stations in cities like London are more expensive due to higher footfall.

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